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  • SAM Science Museum Inventor Kit

    Hack your house and be an instant inventor.

    SAM Science Museum Inventor Kit
  • SAM Curious Cars Kit

    Build and program your own cars and games.

    SAM Curious Cars Kit
  • Sphero SPRK+ Power Pack

    Plug in. Power up. Roll out.

    Charge, store, and carry SPRK+ robots by the dozen.

    Sphero SPRK+ Power Pack
  • mBot V1.1

    Come and meet mBot, a friendly entry-level robot for every child! Unleash their imagination and make mBot come alive with simple drag and drop programming blocks.

    mBot V1.1
  • Sphero SPRK+ Education Pack

    This special pack of 12 Sphero SPRK+ is available exclusively to educators at a discounted price.

    Sphero SPRK+ Education Pack
  • Swivl C-Series C1

    Our basic model of the C Series. Comes with a single marker. Great for capturing presentations, student teaching and teacher coaching.

    Swivl C-Series C1

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